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gender reveal day

The day before my grandpa passed he was mostly unresponsive. I held his hand and told him how much I wanted my baby to meet him and learn his kindness, gentleness, and unconditional love of life and others. I’ve been told when a life is ending that a person might have unexplainable visions. And when new life is beginning simultaneously, that their spirits might cross paths somewhere. So, that day I asked grandpa to squeeze my hand if I was having a girl and to squeeze if I was having a boy. To my surprise he responded and he only squeezed once. I believe Baby Kimble did get to meet grandpa. Today we’ll find out. 


When I first told Grandpa I was pregnant he was certain I was having a girl. In fact, everyone was. I asked him several times and he always said confidently, “Oh, it’s a girl!” I was pretty convinced it must be a girl. But during our last chat about Baby Kimble, he squeezed my hand when I asked him if it was a boy. The family laughed. We made light of the situation and said how funny he was for changing his mind. But it was that moment that I knew for sure Baby Kimble and grandpa met somewhere over the rainbow and for that I’m forever grateful. Jack will keep his great-grandpa in his heart forever. 


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She wasn’t ready to give up being the princess of the house!

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