5 books i wish never ended

Like to read? Me too, though it’s been a few months since I’ve finished a book. Sometimes I go in phases where I can’t put a book down and then other times I can’t seem to pick one up. That’s normal, right?

I’m leaving for vacation this week, so naturally I thought to myself, “what book will I read?” I LOVE reading on vacation. There’s just something so relaxing about burying your nose in a book, laying in the sun, and not having any other responsibility. So, in looking for recommendations, I turned to Facebook and a lot of people asked what kind of books I enjoy. Truth is, I like a lot of different types of reads (scifi isn’t really my thing, though). So, that got me thinking about what my favorite books are. You know – the ones that you can’t forget and the ones you wish never ended. The ones you read in three days because you can’t stand the thought of not knowing what’s on the next page. So, these are five books that made me feel all those things…

1. A Piece of Cake


2. Gone Girl


3. A Moment of Weakness


4. Hello, Darkness


5. The Tipping Point


Those are five books I wish never ended. Let me know if there are any books you love so much you think I should read! I always love new suggestions!

Thanks friends & here’s to relaxing reading! xo


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