chicken and broccoli basically sucks

Chicken + Broccoli = Chickoccoli

I’m not a nutritionist, dietician, health coach or anything of the sort; however, I know if you eat a lot of chicken and broccoli — or chickoccoli as I refer to it because it sounds way more fun and delectable — you’re likely to shed pounds.

You’ve heard it a million times, right? If you want to lose weight, eat lean protein and green veggies. You’ve tried it. You’re hungry. It’s bland. You’re bored. You’re deprived. You’re just plain sick of it.

ME TOO! Go ahead and guess what I’m currently devouring, ha!

So, let me make up for teasing you…  because there are plenty of ways to eat chicken and broccoli without sacrificing flavor or your sanity.

my fav flavorings

trader joes everyday seasoning
i can’t believe it’s not butter spray (zero calories. zero carbs. zero everything.)
hot sauce (literally, any kind will do, but I’ve linked to my favs!)
cilantro avocado yogurt dressing
walden farms calorie free chipotle ranch dressing
fresh garlic
fresh squeezed lemon
soy sauce (low sodium)
garlic salt
good old-fashioned salt & pepper

Pretty much, I can eat a bowl of chickoccoli every day of the week and it will taste like a different meal. For the most part. That’s something I can get down with. Can you?

Now of course, depending on other factors of your diet {or whatever you’re doing}, you’ll need to select carefully which ways you flavor your chickoccoli.

Part of why I started a blog was to chat, learn new techniques, get ideas, and hear your thoughts so PLEASE let me know what your fav way is to season the all too boring, but underestimated chickoccoli!

Happy Eating!


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