30 was my favorite birthday ever

It’s the birthday most people {maybe it’s just women?} dread. I did and wrote a post about it here. Now that it’s here and I’m not in my 20s anymore, I realized it’s really not a big deal. And so far, I’m enjoying it!

Here’s why…

5:23am – My alarm sounds. I roll over. Ugh, this is it. The day I can no longer answer 20-something when someone asks my age. The day I demand more respect because I’m so “adult” now. The day I’ve been dreading. The day I’ve been anticipating.

5:29am – The mirror is still my friend! No new wrinkles, no gray hairs (yet!), the same everything. Still look like I’m 20-something. The start of 30 isn’t so bad.

6:02am – 20-something clothes still fit! Hallelujah! I had a dream that I needed a brand new wardrobe to go with my brand new decade. Wrong.

6:24am – Tome made me breakfast. Eggs and turkey sausage. Dippy eggs! (Anyone else call them that?)

7:00am – THIS is on my desk! Ok, 30 is fun.

7:14am – Settled in. Time to open this pretty present! Leopard print, shoes, Monroe. My coworker knows me so well — and she rocks!

9:31am – Another awesome coworker makes 30 more fun — a card with an elephant (my fav) on the front!

1:02pm – Shut the front door! My coworker’s mom baked {the best} brownies. A million of them. All for me. I shared, don’t worry.

1:23pm – Holy chocolate fudge heavenly sugary calorie filled brownie delight with extra whipped cream! #icanteven But I will. And I did. Well, half.

1:31pm – Realized your metabolism doesn’t actually slow down the minute you turn 30. People just like to feed you a lot. Food = love.

3:00pm – Out the door. Home to snuggle with my best friend and get cold nose birthday kisses.

5:46pm – Boyfriend! Presents! Cake! Oh, my!

6:36pm – 30 calls for a fiesta, obvi. Off to  my fav Mexican restaurant in the ‘Burgh. Fajitas and margaritas are two of my favorite things!

8:43pm – I have an adorable boyfriend. Not only did he get me a cake, but he topped it with lighted 3-0 candles and sang to me. Now, it’s official!

The rest of the night included more wine, and the Pirates. And replays of Cutch helping put the tarp on the field during a rain delay. That was about the time I couldn’t keep my eyes open so I crawled into bed. I let it all go. I decided to turn the page and jump full force into this next chapter.

I realized these are going to the best years of my life.


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